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The Following are Poems to be found in the soon to be released book

Pitch Darke: the Poetic Chronicles of Damien Darke

Torn Soul

Tattered and bruised

I lay beaten and bloodied,

Near broken

Breathing is difficult,

Towards the heavens I cast my eyes

Seeking and pleading,

My heart barely beats

My mind going in a thousand


A torn soul

Seeking serenity in a crazy world,

Begging salvation

Only to find solitude,

Aching for love

Only washed down in pain,

Deserving more than I can afford

For I’ve a worthless soul.


Beaten and downtrodden

My hurt can’t be explained,

I’ve walked a lone for so long

My darkness is my best friend,

The tears I cry

No one to hear my woes,

Prayers and pleading

                                               Please fill this torn soul.

Falling Star


The night skies call to me

Whispers upon silken winds

Songs through trees leaves

As I sit out staring…


The stars are bright tonight

The night is so calming

I wonder where you are tonight

And if you’re thinking of me…


My thoughts of you they fill me

My thoughts of you they run wild

I can’t but wonder if you’re thinking of me

I wonder what you’re thinking right now…


My mind’s a whirl

It falls briefly a focus in the sky

Streaking with its tail to follow

As it falls …


If I wish upon a star

Are you wishing upon the same star?

Do you see it as I do?

Are you thinking of me as I of you?


Lonely my nights as I sit alone

Wishing yet knowing it does no good

Our world though small our worlds are so far

Another night without my love.


Falling star floating there

For my eyes only

Blinking bright until you flash out

And here again I am again… left alone.


Migraine Nightmare


                          The dreams they’ve come, Lord

once again,

Through the pains of the headaches

My mind they bend.

I can hear the screeching and clawing

and the blood I do smell,

My welcome back, a trip through

My own personal Hell.

I try to cry out as the claws

breech my flesh,

Angels and demons pulling me asunder,

is this but one more test?

How shall I favor, Lord, this

I do not know;

I scream out as the pain in

My head continues to grow,

And as the lights behind my eyes,

continue to brighten,

Do I welcome this pain, or am I

to be truly frightened?

Can I conquer this pain even as

I’m being pulled apart?

Does a man truly exist on the strength of his brain

or the content of his heart?

I have no answers, Oh Lord,

for this pain is upon me,

Driving my dreams as if it were

a movie for me to see,

Pushing this pen as if to describe

all before my eyes,

The strangeness I see and feel

as the pain is realized.

Relinquish your fight, oh demons,

and from Darke let there be day,

Let this headache cease to be,

Oh this I do pray.

Let it end I beg and end

this torment to thee, oh Lord, I beseech,

And from the darkness of the pain into

the glory of the I light I shall someday breech.


In your eyes


In your eyes I can see my light,

Nestled there beckoning me from the dark,

Yearning for you, your touch pulling me from my plight,

Our soul intertwined, two now beat as one heart.

Underlying passions alight with sweet intentions,

Recalling again the feelings of your desires,

Embarking on a journey of heavenly sensations,

Yes, my love, you have me engulfed in your fires.

Ecstasies emblazoned as I hold you close to me,

Savoring our love for the entire world to see.


I've seen you
      Oh, that path you Roam
Desiring to find a
      Place to call … Home
Upon overly treaded
Footprints mark
      Your way
Your walk
Your look
Eyes cast down
      To follow the shadow
          Of your path
Dusk to Dawn
            Night to Day
Circles or straight
Your determined demeanor
            To never sway
Tear stained
From harsh voices
            Echoed from your past
Angry sad words
Cruel … Harsh
Hate filled… agonizing
            Profane … Unclean


Soul wrenching

Words …

Then –

The apology

“Sorry, Baby,
      You know it’s not what I mean.”

"I love you
      Its not what it seems.”

“You pushed me
      Dammit, you made me say those things.”

“It will never happen again,
     Give me one more chance…”


      On broken knees you fall
Words say so much
      Prostrated to your chest you fall
Pleading for release
      But so tightly held

Bound without bindings
Strapped in
      Soulfully strapped down
Beaten without
The wounds all
      On the inside

The Cries
The Pleas
      All fall upon
         Deafened ears

Escape the only
      Other measure
From a soul of no
When the tears
      No longer flow

And the feel for

        Seems to Grow…

Weighted shoulders – slump
        Upon a broken
Breathless memories
        Of times forgotten
Of times sometimes thought
Moments shared
        Then verbally beaten…

             Out of you

I’ve seen you
        Oh that path you
             Dare Roam


Each footstep padding
       Towards that some where
That any where
That solace

That place that you can truly

Follow your Pathways
       Freedom is just mere steps

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