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        Just a little about Me:

                   Gerald R Johnson, Jr.
                       also known as:
                        Damien Darke

For Me writing is a composition of a multitude of skills. I love to invoke imagery into the minds of my readers so that they can enjoy each story just as I enjoy it ... Much like a movie in my head... Are you Ready?
I was born to Write and Write is what I love to do. I don't merely think of myself as an Author but I do call myself a Writer thereby giving me that ever present room to grow with my trade... I offer you the chance to join Me in this growth.

The name I was born with is Gerald Robert Johnson, Jr. given to me by my Mother’s mom because she said I was the spitting image of my Father, and even to this day I hear that… a lot. I was a quick study as a child, my parents had me reading and writing by the time I was 3 and I've been hooked since then. As time progressed, I fell victim to my imagination, as a smart loner kid I spent a lot of time with pen and pad and I would write out the little adventures I had with my toys. Just from that you can tell that telling me to go to my room was not a bad thing


By elementary, teachers were constantly commending my parents for my love of reading and writing. By the time I was in the fifth grade I was reading on a near college level and I was writing short stories just because I enjoyed it. By the time I was out of the eighth grade going to high school, came up with the notion of writing a book, but the question was on what? High school I got lucky to have 4 years with 4 English teachers who kept me Motivated to write… they couldn’t stand how I wrote in longhand but they always commended me on my words. I finished my first fully written book when I was 16 and in the 11th grade; I wish I still had that one.


Poetry was never one of my strongest suites … I could write poems, and usually if someone asked me to. I was never one to just sit and write them, but I’ve learned that poems are so explosively addicting, and if done properly visually beautiful and eloquent. And so now, I love being able to just feel one come along and write it out on my pad and then type it up. I am still a Storyteller… a Minstrel of Words… I love being able to sit at my laptop and let the stories play around in my head like a movie and type them out. To feel the flow of the action and then be able to articulate what I see in my head out so that others can share in on the ride I’m on. I am... but a meager Writer... I am an enigma with words that I find so very easy to conform into patterns of word play that conjoin to create a menagerie of thoughts and scenes upon scenes in a fantasy of collaborative ideas and dreams to complete... a Story... I am…a Writer…Storyteller...a whimsical Minstrel of words, and I dare you to read that which I create.


We are One in the same and Two Independent Entities... He is the One I am the Shadows of the One... together we never part... Damien Darke

So what are you Looking for? You want Urban Literature? We can give you that with our first full Length titled - Tainted: the Book of Revelations...
You want Erotica? We can give you that with Liquid Eroticism just that little something to get you in the mood...
You want Poetry? We can give you that with Pitch Darke: the Poetic Chronicles of Damien Darke...

And coming soon We will be able to offer you a Thriller... Keep your eyes open for it...

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