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Welcome: Thank you for dropping by... You are about to enter into the wandering mind of Gerald and Damien... They who seem to be two but in truth are just One but they work together wondrously. You will be treated to their words in the forms of Poems, Short Stories and at last a full length Novel. We are opening the doors to this journey to give you insight and to allow you to participate into the Darke imaginations.
So please sit back and open your mind to enjoy this theater of words. Please feel free to leave your comments as we always enjoy the words of others to help us grow and prosper.

Thank you and again... Welcome

 I am but a Shadow. An Imagination lost to the minds of time. A Whisper amongst the forgotten. A Nightmare in dreams where light cannot tread. Chased by fiends as I'm torn and shredded. Cast out into the Darke to wander aimlessly. Alone with by naught but Myself to bare.

Darke Thoughts

Here is My plight...known by oh so many... yet really known by few...so close to none...I am that lone wolf you hear of.. baying at the moon ...looking for a home.. seeking...searching for a pack.. one with which to run... and yet I travel this path...still alone... now alone does not mean with no one ...for I have those close.. and yet even those close ... knows nothing of me...except for the obvious ... the slightly given... I keep more close to chest ... like a gambler...letting none see My cards... Id muck them first... toss them .. fold and wait the next hand...just like the cards... unless counted you never whats dealt...life...My life is definitely like the dead man's hand ... aces and eights... I didn't cheat to get them ... but if that third ace flies out ... Bamm... you don't even know what I mean

... hahahahaha

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