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 This page is dedicated to the Erotic poems and Short Stories I have written. Currently, I am i the process of Publishing and Promoting My very first book of Poems and Stories that I have titled Liquid Eroticism which is a very sexy and sensual collection of 5 short stories and 30 poems. I honestly feel that this book will be attractive to both males and females.

For the ladies: the a very sensual and sexy way to start an evening where passion is on the menu. The poems are written to incite and ignite the fires and the stories are written to create the inferno. Read them and then go to your man and include him in your over active fantasies and imaginings.

For the fellas: this is one of the moments when you read to your lady... the bath is good and hot... the wine is sweet and tempting... and she's open to all of your wants, needs, cravings and urges... these stories are hot and mood setting.

 You ever find yourself with a little bit of fruit and a whole lot of thoughts running through your mind? This next little piece is a poem I call Sex Fruits - Mango. Its for those exotic moments when you just have to have a little something new.

Sex Fruit – Mango

Your sweet sex fruit
I taste
As I split your mango
With my tongue
That sweet burst of juice
In my mouth
As your legs lift and close
Around my head
My tongue dives
Spreading the lips of your mango
Seeking your seed buried
Deep within
The flesh of your
Syrup flow
Feel Me as I repast
On your mango
So sweet and thick is
Your juice flow
As I dine fiercely to
Your orgasmic crescendo
Your spendings dripping from my goatee
As you finally release me
Damn a mango so … tastee.

 Sometimes the passion is so... Direct... you don't want to beat around the bush you don't all of that mushy gushy you want that down and dirty you want that call me every name in the book and don't spare the adjectives raw and rauchy... Fucking...

Admit it ... you know you do

I Wanna

You want to – What?
I wanna Fuck…
Fuck not just from the Front
Fuck from the Back …
Fuck on the laundry Counter
Where our clothes are Stacked …
Fuck you Hard
Fuck you Rough
Fuck you in the back of the Car
Fuck you in My homie’s Truck …
I wanna fuck you
‘Til I can’t See
Hell, ‘til I’m seeing
Fuck you up on your Tippy Toes
Fuck you across Handicap Bars …
I wanna Fuck you
‘Til you’re screaming Stop
Then ‘til you’re Begging Me
To Fuck you Harder …
I wanna fuck you all the way to California
And then right back here to Central Florida …
I just wanna Fuck You Fuck You FUCK YOU
Through and through…
Then … Stop … and Make Love to You …

Let the words find you ... seek you out .. in your dreams... tease you and please you ... take them in deep and then let them soothe you ... coat you in a passion that you may not be able to experience other than in your Dreams

Liquid Dreams

A simple thought of pleasures
Me 'twinxt your legs and them up on my shoulders
My tongue sliding upon your thighs slowly going higher
The sweet smell of your heat as if your body is on fire
I am your fireman let me quench those flaming desires
Feel me slide up my tongue leading the way
Your body tenses up
My mouth's too busy to say that it’s alright
I’m here to please you
My tongue's here to make your day
Your night
Your anytime feel alright
But, I can show you better than mumble it
My tongue’s the running back and your pearl he won’t fumble it
I promise
Relax your body and let your mind soar
Open your mouth and let your passions roar
As you feel that first touch of My tongue slather the outside of your lips
Easy baby don’t move your hips
Just yet
Let me get in and find those spots and I promise when I hit them
Oh, when I hit them you will know
Fe fi fo fum
Open up pussy and gimme some
I wanna taste your honey from the source flow
Open up pussy and gimme some mo’
Ooooh, it’s like bathing my tongue in liquid love
Your sweet ambrosia
My nectar of ethereal passions
As they flood into My mouth in a sea of dessert I could sup on for an eternity
Feed Me
As My tongue slithers up into your boat
And tantalize the lil man there afloat
Cum for me
Don’t hold back
Drench me
Drown me
I am but a sacrifice to your passions
I find pleasure in your deliverance
I find pleasure in your liquid dreams...

This excerpt is from the shorty story Bad... Very Bad. Felicity Vann had never strayed from her marriage. The mother of 4 never really thought herself that attractive until one of her daughter's ex-boyfriends called her to meet him, and she did. Now she has a whole new outlook about herself.

Even as she sits in the car thinking about it, she’s amazed. She's not one of those little thin girls like her daughter. After having three kids and raising them all and working as advertising rep. with a reputable firm she’s gained a little weight. She’s thick, as the kids have told her; her full breasts sagged a bit, but naturally so, and they still had a good buoyancy to them, her hips flared leading down into her thighs; and her ass, she had to be careful what she wore because she still got whistles from how nice and round it was. She wiggled again, grasping the steering wheel; she dropped her head on her hands and took a deep breath.


She could feel his large hands fussing over every inch of her still covered body. The heat of it all consumed her and almost released her rational thoughts from entering her thought process, but then she pushed him back and took a deep breath. She looked around nervously expecting the police or a bum or anyone to just pop up and catch them out here mauling one another. No one was there, and she was able to compose herself a bit.


“Greg,” her breathing was ragged, and her body was on fire, “someone could see us.”


Thinking she had got to him she smiled as he looked around. They were behind some buildings; she didn’t rightly recall where she had said she would meet him. She remembered him calling and asking her to meet him because his car had broken down and he was just leaving the gym from his morning workout. She remembered agreeing to meet him, and without thinking about it she drove here and parked and waited. She remembered him tapping on her car window looking delicious as hell in his sweatpants and jacket, and not thinking she got out of the car and gave him a big hug as if she was glad to see him. She remembered him pulling her tight as grinding his crotch right up on her and feeling …


“You’re right,” he said still looking around, “you’re absolutely right, Mrs. Vann, someone could see us right here.” He reached out and openly squeezed her breast and licked his lips as she stared up at him not resisting.


“We shouldn’t be doing this,” she half-hearted complained, “I’m married.”


“Not something to worry ‘bout right now,” he said as he leaned in and began to kiss her again.


Her legs felt weak as his lips pummeled hers and his hands roughly squeezed and mashed at her breasts. Her nipples ached beneath her top and bra, and her panties were now drenched as her pussy pained to be touched. All of her common sense fled, all that remained was raw lust and desire. Her body pressed against his and he pushed back keeping her pinned to the door of the car. She slid her hand down his body, past the elastic waist of the sweat pants and she grabbed it. Her mouth pulled away from his and she stared up into his eyes as her hand rubbed and squeezed.


“OH, my god,” she barely said. “What is that?”


“Do you really want to know?” he teased as he looked around once more. Then taking her by the shoulders they walked away from the car with her hand still rubbing and squeezing on his growing dick.


The alley behind the gym where he worked out was empty of people and cars except for hers. Behind the building was a stack of old pallets and of course the dumpster and from what he could see it blocked off everything from the roads and the alley. He looked up at the few building surrounding the area and none had any windows looking down at where he was leading the gorgeous woman in his arm. She had him burning up, but this was nothing new since the first time he’d met her and now he was about to get what he’s been dreaming about.


“This will be perfect,” his voice was a low growl as he pulled her in front of him. “Now let’s have a really good look at you.”


She didn’t hesitate. Pulling her top and bra down over her breasts they came out to his grinning and salivating smile. His large hands took her large mammaries and squeezed them hard enough to make her moan. His hands slid back until his fingers grabbed her nipples and he pulled back, pinching and twisting watching her eyes glaze over as her flesh extended before he released. Her pussy gushed and she squeezed her thighs together hoping to keep from falling over.


Felicity stared at herself again in the mirror. Her breasts still ached, and her nipples were very tender as they scraped against the insides of the bra cups. Her legs trembled and she felt as if butterflies had been released into her stomach. How could I have let his happened, she wondered. Her mind was awhirl with the events that quickly followed, and she swallowed hard as her body remembered everything that was playing back in her head.


“On your knees, Baby,” his hands were on her shoulders pushing her down, and as she looked up he had pulled his jacket and shirt up with on hand and was reaching inside his sweats with the other.

Feeling almost impatient, Felicity reached up and pulled the sweats down over his hand and her eyes stretched in disbelief. Even as he held it in his large hands she couldn’t believe the size of it, and her mouth watered. How could she want something that looked like it belonged on some wild horse or donkey? But she did. Her hands took it from him, stroking it as she stared in amazement. She couldn’t even fathom a size, only that it was HUGE; so thick and so long … it was HUGE. The head alone held her fascination as her tongue slowly slipped between her lips and slid along the smooth helmet giving her first taste of taboo.

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